"Option" Documents

These are the PDF maps of the Bosque drafted by Open Space / Parks and Recreation representing three possible approaches for development in the Bosque.  The maps were presented to the Mayor's office, who chose "Option 1: No New Trail Construction."

"Existing Conditions" Map - Central to Siphon
"Existing Conditions" Map - Siphon to I-40

"Option 1" Map - Central to Siphon
"Option 1" Map - Siphon to I-40

"Option 2" Map - Central to Siphon
"Option 2" Map - Siphon to I-40


Bosque Wheelchair Access Guide

Written by Sarita Streng, a member of the BAT.  Sarita is an Occupational Therapy Candidate at UNM who has explored creative and sustainable ways for those with mobility challenges to experience the Bosque.  This guide is one part of that ongoing effort.

Click here to read the guild.


How to Explore the Bosque

City website highlighting access points, recreational opportunities and areas of interest in the Bosque.


Bosque Education Guide

A resource book of background information, activities and curriculum suggestions to help all educators teach others (Kindergarten through 12th grade students) about the Bosque.


Rio Grande State Park Nature Center

Located in the Bosque, or cottonwood forest, and by the wetland bordering the Rio Grande, the Nature Center is the focus of the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park.  A refuge from the city life of Albuquerque, the park offers opportunities to experience 270 acres of woods, meadows and farmland flourishing with native grasses, wildflowers, willows and cottonwoods.


Additional info (pdf):


City of Albuquerque Rio Grande State Park Homepage

Established by the State Legislature in 1983, this Park is managed cooperatively by the Open Space Division and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD).


Rio Grande Vision Link

Official information about Mayor Berry's plan to develop the Bosque


Nature Discovery at the Rio Grande Valley State Park

Nature information for children

Rio Grande Bosque Facebook Page

Official Facebook page of the Bosque Action Team (BAT) and the Save the Bosque website.