“Visions of the Bosque” is a showcase for some of the great amateur and professional artists and photographers in our community who have captured the unique beauty of the Bosque with their work.  If you wish to submit your photos for consideration, please email us 5 to 10 sample photographs.



Featured artist / Photographer:  julie brokken


Midwest farmer’s daughter sprouts artist~poeta wings, flies West, lands in Albuquerque as the Raven flies via a 27 year layover in Phoenix.  On the way she learns that if anything is sacred, everything is sacred.”  Tis a good way to live, a wise way to live.  It is the Beauty Way.  

This work is an invitation, a mystical nudge into deeper questions and awarenesses, a sweeter experience of living our innate organic wholeness ~ in all of Life on Mama Earth's grace-filled, beautiful, confounding, maddening, moody, heartbreaking, beguiling, intoxicating, luscious, precious expressions; a joyful flight of the heart and soul, a celebration of being alive, a gratitude for all the mysteries these lives entail.   

Beauty in all things dear hearts and BIG love, 

Julie Suzanne Brokken


Bosque Spirit Mask
Assemblage of bosque wood, joiner pins, coyote willow


Coyote Willow Circus
Assemblage with doll carriage wheels, wooden tray, bird cage, nest, coyote willow, metal hardware, string
2” x 50” x 40”


El Dia de Los ‘Tiny’ Muertos Medicine Wagon
Assemblage with wooden crate, tin lids, horse fence, glass bottle and jars, wire, honey bees, bumble bee, dragonfly, sphinx moth, cottonwood leaves, river water, honey, beeswax…
23” x 14” x 20”


Coyote Willow Passage
Assemblage with digital print on fine art paper, zinc frame, coyote willow, metal panel, bosque wire

43” x 22” x 1.5”


Bosque April Full Moons: Seed Moon, Egg Moon, Strong Wind Moon, New Leaves Moon, Birth Tree Moon & Goddess Moon
Installation with cottonwood branch, black silk, wire, digital photographs on fine art paper



Horace’s Pitchfork
“You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, but she will always hurry back.”  Horace, Roman Poet, 65-27 BC

Assemblage with pitchfork, mimosa branch, carved bass wood, bent wire, found wood
72” x 25” x 22”



See these and many more pieces by Julie in person throughout April at Tortuga:

Delicate Wisdom, Sacred Laughter: New and Renewing Works by Julie Suzanne Brokken 

Opening reception: Saturday, April 4, 6 to 8pm
Runs through April 26

Tortuga Gallery (901 Edith SE)
506-0820 or 948-8840