Mayor Berry Sends Newsletter About Bosque Plan
Added December 26th, 2013

Mayor Richard Berry published a newsletter in the ABQ Neighborhood News regarding his plan for the development of the Bosque.  No mention was made of the hundreds who attended the last Town Hall Meeting in protest. 

The link to the newsletter can be found here

Pressure Put on Bosque by Santolina Plan
Added December 22nd, 2013

Pressures on the Bosque can come from various activities.  One is growth on the west side.  Subdivision proposals are presented in front of the county or city planning board on a regular basis.  One currently being studied by the County is the proposed Santolina Master Plan, which at full build-out is anticipated to provide 75,000 jobs to 95,000 residents.  According to the Transportation Plan, an appendix to the proposal, there will be fewer bridge crossings than without the planned community. 

Details of the plan can be found here.

PRESS RELEASE:  Mayor's New Website Ignores Public Comments on Bosque
Added December 12, 2013

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PRESS RELEASE:  Letter from Aldo Leopold's Daughter Highlights Meeting on the Community's Vision for the Bosque
Added September 19, 2013

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PRESS RELEASE:  Over 350 Citizens Call for the Mayor to Desist on Rio Grande Vision
Added September 105 2013

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