“Visions of the Bosque” is a showcase for some of the great amateur and professional photographers in our community who have captured the unique beauty of the Bosque with their work.  If you wish to submit your photos for consideration, please email us 5 to 10 sample photographs.



Featured Photographer:  KOBIE BOSLOUGH

As a junior in high school at Albuquerque Academy, Kobie Boslough sometimes struggles to find enough time to be outside. Though preoccupied with typical teenage concerns like homework, band, and finding a job, she is determined to spend some portion of her time in nature or learning about the outdoors. This she accomplishes through her pursuit of understanding of the biological world, a passion that introduced her to both the New Mexico Museum of Southwestern Biology and the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP), where she volunteers regularly.

In addition to an interest in biology, Kobie also attempts to find aspects of nature in her other endeavors as well. She recently published an article about wildlife in her school newspaper, The Advocate, and greatly enjoys exploring her mountainous backyard in the form of cross-country running.

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