Bosquitos Pollinators (10/7/2017)

Thank you to many of you for attending the pollinator event at the Westside Open Space.  What a wonderful outing! Our group was multi-generational with 20 participants. We were guided by the Westside Open Space Visitor Center staff Kent Swanson, Brianda Rez, and Marisa Valdez.

We visited an art display about pollinators, learned about what pollinators do, visited the pollinator garden, and the nocturne garden. Pollinators are vital to helping plants reproduce by helping plants make fruit or seeds. They do this by moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another part.  Bats, bees, birds, butterflies, and even humans can be pollinators! We learned that about 4000 bee species visit the Bosque area in Albuquerque!  We visited and examined a "bee motel" and with a smile on our faces asked if maybe the motel should be called an "air-bee-and-bee" instead. We also visited the New Mexican culture garden and learned from Ken about waffle style gardening and identified chile, corn, squash, quelites, spinach, and bean plants.  Marisa and Brianda taught us how to harvest seeds from amaranth plants.

At the end our our outing we talked about how many pollinators - especially bees are in trouble.  We can help them by providing habitat for them, not using pesticides, and buying organic foods.

Our next get-together will be meeting with Wildlife Rescue to learn about what their organization does to help rehabilitate injured wildlife. November 4.  Available time slots are 10 am or 11:15 am.  Because we will be meeting with some animals, we will be meeting in smaller groups.  The event will take place at the Sierra Club office 2215 Lead Ave SE, Albuquerque.  There is parking in the back.  Please RSVP for this event as we want to keep the animals more comfortable and groups small.  Please RSVP to Julie Hudson

Bosquitos Garage Sale (9/16/2017)

Thank you all so much for your great work and contributions to our garage sale to help raise money to fund presentations for our group with Wildlife Rescue.  Our goal was $200 and our total raised was $370!

We will use the money for our November 4 presentations with Wildlife Rescue and give that important group a donation as well.  Special thanks to adult helpers Jessica Krichels, Karen Lyall, Julie Hudson, Charlie and Heather Hanley, Louisa Barkalow, Sandy Garriot-Stejskal, Diane Glenn, Jeff Pilgrim, Allison Theoret, Nick Babic, Fernando Pizarro, David and Noralyn Parsons, Marcia Walton, and Lena Gleria!

Special thanks to all the kids who helped especially Larkin, Clementine, Elia, Elise, Amelia, Chris, Naveli, and Lori. And thank you to our customers!  Great job with Reduce/reuse/recycle to support wildlife education and support injured wild life! All un-solditems were donated to Humane Society Thrift store.

Bosque Hike (8/26/2017)

We were a group of 10 enthusiasts including an artist who made some wonderful watercolor sketches along the way.....caramba!!! The weather was perfect and everyone was friendly and big-hearted.

We had a great time with this interesting and interested group....saw a small or young heron, turtles, mallards, lots of beetles, a small hawk, lots of lizards great and small, lots of hummingbirds. The area (Montano Bridge)  is green and lush right now.

Bosque by Wheelchair: Exploring Accessibility (10/17/2015)

This family outing allowed us to enjoy the trail and see how well it works for people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

Join us for another Bosque by wheelchair on November 21.

Bosque Bash 2: Return of the Living Bosque (12/7/14)

Our 2nd annual Bosque Bash.  Held again at Tortuga Gallery and featuring Cali Shaw, Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band, Throw the Temple, and Sweet Spot. And of course the one and only 9-year-old Flamenco sensation Zen Menendez.


Check out all the great music from the Bash at Busking for the Bosque

Our Big Bosque Benefit Bash (12/8/13)

The Bash was put on by and the Bosque Action Team.  Held at Tortuga Gallery and featuring Le Chat Lunatique, Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band, Strange Magic, featuring Javier Romero, and Fukien Ministers, the event raised over $1000 to benefit efforts to protect the Bosque.



Dia De Los Muertos (11/3/13)

Action team member Sandria Cooked worked with the Bosquitos to paint cardboard images of bosque animals , abstract on one side, skeletal on the other side representing the fine line between life and death that our urban wild place confronts, especially given the Mayor’s Plan.  The group was awarded best political message by the parade.



Letter Delivery to the Mayor (9/19/13)

Lead by OLÉ, members of the Bosque Action Team, delivered thousands of letters that were collected the previous day at our Community Meeting on the Mayor’s flawed plan for the Bosque.  The meeting requested by the group was never granted.


Community Meeting on the Mayor's Flawed Plan for the Bosque (9/18/13)

After 400 people showed up at the first public hearing on the Bosque, the mayor did not want to again call attention to his controversial plan three weeks before the election, and the city cancelled the second public meeting scheduled for Sept. 18.  The Bosque Action Team held a community meeting instead generating hundreds of letters which were delivered to the mayor’s office the next day.


First Public Hearing (9/4/13)

An astonishing 400 citizens showed up to this Public Hearing on Mayor Berry's plans for the bosque.  An overwhelming majority called on the mayor and his planners to abandon plans for development between the levees.


To Bosque with Love (7/13/13)

Dozens of Bosque supporters gathered at the Botts Memorial Hall Special Collections Library to celebrate the bosque's natural beauty with poetry, art, photography and music at the To the Bosque, With Love letter-writing party!