Environmental Monitoring Report to be Released Soon

By Camilla Feibelman

The Bosque Action Team has been engaged in what appear to be good and profitable discussions with the City Parks and Open Space folks.  Here is what is happening.  It is expected that the final draft environmental monitoring report will be released sometime the week of October 20.  After it is released, there will be a thirty day comment period.  The BAT suggested that it would be valuable for there to be a public meeting on the report during that period to inform the public about the report.  The City agreed and is attempting to find a location for such a meeting.

In addition to holding our public officials accountable for actions that are not in the best interests of the Bosque, we should give them credit where credit is due.  Some credit is due here.  Early in this process, we excoriated the City for its poor, almost nonexistent, process for engaging the public.  Mayor Berry appears to have taken that criticism to heart in having a fairly robust process to inform the public about the environmental monitoring report and to get our comments.  We are hopeful that they will not only obtain public input, but that they will also take our comments into account as this process moves forward.


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