Canceling the Public Meeting on the Environmental Monitoring Report Should be Cause for Concern

By Alex Limkin

The cancellation of Tuesday's public meeting regarding the environmental report is worrisome. It indicates that the fingers manipulating the joystick of this project are insincere in meaningful engagement with the public. How can the Mayor claim this is a "community-based project" if the community can't participate? As a veteran who has benefited from the meditative solitude that the Bosque's meandering, intimate, and informal sandy trails have allowed, I am strongly opposed to the plan to build a beefed up superhighway through the Bosque upon which all foot, bicycle, and horse traffic will be relegated. The existing Bosque trail system currently allows for peaceful solitary reflection, in which visitors may enjoy inner and outer calm in the midst of a hectic city. The dismantling of this trail system in favor of a single "Camino Royal" will vastly diminish the therapeutic benefits of the Bosque to human visitors, and further fracture and destroy what habitat remains for wildlife. In the face of this cancellation, we should go forward with a public meeting of our own, and invite all Bosque supporters to attend. Our collective comments and input are worthy of note.

The report, which I strongly encourage you to read, can be found here:

NOTE: the City has given us until November 30th to submit public comments about the report. Comments should be sent to: 

Dr. Matt Schmader
Open Space Division
PO BOX 1293
Albuquerque, NM 87103


UPDATE: the BAT has organized an alternate meeting, same day and time.  Please attend, get informed, get involved:

Plan "B"osque