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Bosque by Wheelchair

Pueblo Montaño Picnic Area and Trailhead

Discover the wood carvings at Pueblo Montaño Picnic Area and Trailhead on the Westside

Details about the outing: 

Parking: Four spaces designated for increased accessibility. Surface is level concrete with space for most ramps and lifts. Spaces are located near trailhead. Additional parking is located near the trailhead with compact gravel surface.

Route: 1.1 mile loop beginning and ending at the parking area. Path surfaces included concrete, packed soil, mud, and sand. The route passes through the sculpture garden, cottonwood bosque, and provides good views to the river. A variation of the route can be completed to decrease length and avoid some accessibility barriers, while still providing access to the sculpture garden and the river by going southeast from the parking lot to the river and turning southwest along the river, with the same route used to return.

RSVP: Billy Meyer,