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Water Crisis in the West: Thinking Like a Watershed

  • Kimo Theatre 421 Central Ave NW Albuquerque, NM (map)

“Thinking Like a Watershed” is a series of five presentations featuring widely recognized humanity scholars who will speak on different topics pertaining to the unique and fragile water system in the North American Southwest.

Five panel discussions led by Jack Loeffler, Author of Thinking like a Watershed, Producer of Watersheds as Commons, Project Director - Lore of the Land, Inc.

In this event, Rural Perspectives: Farmers & Ranchers, panelists Sid Goodloe, Julia Stafford and Steve Harris will present perspectives of traditional ranchers and the role of Holistic Range Management in overcoming problems of over-grazing wrought by ranchers transplanted to the arid Southwest from the verdant East of earlier generations. They will introduce the growing likelihood of scarcity in both surface- and ground-water in New Mexico and the American Southwest. This scarcity is already occurring due to global warming, climate instability, drought, and over-extraction. They will also address restoration ecology as a culture of practice shared by Native American, Hispano and Anglo rural residents of New Mexico and beyond.

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