The average Albuquerquean man, woman, or child, is in need of a place within walking distance of the city where he can enjoy a breath of fresh air and a sight of a few trees, a few birds, and a little water...Just a good trail along the bank and clean woods.
— Aldo Leopold (1887-1948)

Anyone who has spent a moment or two traipsing around the Bosque will likely be familiar with the name Aldo Leopold. A trail named in his honor winds through the Bosque, featuring inspired quotes from Leopold's extensive writings. Leopold was a conservation pioneer, an avid environmentalist devoted to wilderness preservation at a time when such ideas were still novel. He spent over two decades as a steward of New Mexican land, during which time he accomplished several landmark endeavors, including writing the Forest Service's first game and fish handbook, proposing the Gila Wilderness Area, and developing an ethic of nature and wildlife preservation and management.

Photo By Alex Limkin

Today, those of us who have come together to fight for the Bosque do so as the spiritual descendants of Aldo Leopold. We follow in his large footsteps as we fight to preserve the Bosque and protect it from the threat of the Mayor’s proposed plan, the Rio Grande Vision.  We have put together this website to both inform and inspire.  Roam around it as you would one of the Bosque’s delightful winding trails. Discover some truly breathtaking photographs from our vast community of amateur and professional shutterbugs, unearth some whimsical musings from some of our great local writers, spot some compelling videos, and learn about the issues. Then join us and get involved.  Keeping the Bosque a vital and treasured habitat and destination requires a full team effort.  Come to one of our community events, sign our online petition, talk to neighbors, wear a Bosque t-shirt or tote bag. Actions can be taken, large and small, to preserve the Bosque. Enjoy the site…and then get involved today!


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